Patio Roller Shades

A patio roller shade is one of the best ways to protect outdoor furnishings and garden equipment from the sun's damaging rays. The sun's rays can discolor patio furniture, destroy hammock fibers, and even damage plastic casing on garden tools and children's outdoor toys. Patio roller shades can help preserve the quality of these items and extend their life, keeping them bright and beautiful.


Patio roller shades can be manually operated, and can cover 97% of the patio. They can be rolled down to a minimum of 24" from the floor. This space helps prevent glare from reaching the patio furniture and keeps the room cool, but not too cool. Patio roller shades are easy to store when not in use and can last for years.


Aside from their durability, patio roller shades also protect your home from UV rays and insects. Some types even come with a five-year fabric warranty. These shades are made from premium-quality materials that will not rot or fade. In addition, they are made from a mix of lead-free and fiberglass-based materials.


Another popular option is a motorized outdoor shade that moves up and down. These shades come with a remote control or smart hub that can be controlled by voice commands. They can also be controlled by a wall-mounted remote control. The motors in these shades are rechargeable, which means that they do not need to be replaced every year. Visit this website at for more info about blinds.


Aside from being durable, patio roller shades from American Awning & Blind Co are also affordable. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are easy to operate. You can even get them in different opacities, allowing you to choose the shade that best suits your needs and preferences. If you want to add a stylish touch to your windows, roller shades are the ideal option.


Another benefit of exterior roller shades is that they provide a protective barrier from UV rays. These exterior shades can also prevent glare. They can even prevent heat from entering your home. They are an excellent way to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your cooling costs. Aside from these benefits, you can choose from a wide range of fabric and hardware options to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

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